Friday, June 18, 2010

What type of make-up should i use?

well i have blondish brown medium length hair pale skin blueish green eyes and palish lips what do i where that makes all my features pop with out leaving my skin whith acne all over

What type of make-up should i use?

you should try and go for pastel colors. those look best on pale skin.

i would go for lilac eyeshadow and brown eyeliner. maybe a very soft pink blush and for the lips, just a clear gloss would look best for every day but if you were to go out or something, i would try a blue-based pink. red-based colors will look too harsh on your skin.

and as for the acne problem- make sure that when you buy foundation it doesn;t contain oil. because oil clogs pores. and try and go for one with some SPF content in it.

that will keep your skin from getting too dried out, causing the body to produce more oil and clog pores- resulting in acne. it will also protect from burning.

What type of make-up should i use?

well i think that you should try what would work on you. Like you can try Mac,Estee lauder,etc.

What type of make-up should i use?

ok for the powder i would use a shade that fits u but cover girl and for ur eyes i would use a light tannish color a little bit darker than ur skin and than a lighter one than at the top close to ur eye brows a lighter shade up to ur eye brows and it doesn't matter what brand than a soft black mascara and maybe a little bit of eye liner maybelline %26amp; cover girl is what i would suggest TRY IT EVERYONE WILL NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE YOU'LL LOOK GOREGOUS!!!!

What type of make-up should i use?

use mineral makeup it is the best, but not one that has bismuth oxychloride. that causes acne even though it is natural. do not get bare escentuals. use dark brown espresso mascara and a soft shimmery pink lip gloss.

What type of make-up should i use?

I had a terrible acne problem I wanted to show all of my features but I couldn't because i had it everywhere, so I decided that I would try MAC makeup and it works great just go to the mall and tell them your skin problems and they will fix you right up

What type of make-up should i use?

If i were you I wouldn't use bare minerals I bought it and it suck. There is a mineral make up line that doesnt clog your pores. These shades would be nice for use

Go to and select motives then go to the eye pallet and lips

here are some good colors for your tone

Motives庐 Five-Color Pressed Eye Shadow Palette

An eye-shadow palette designed to make any eye color radiate, Motives Five-Color Pressed Eye Shadow Palettes contain five perfect hues to enhance any eye with mesmerizing perfection. Wear each shade alone, or combine two, three or all five shades to turn everyday eyes into a work of art.

Description More Info Code Price Qty

Rock Candy - Custom Palette (5 Shades 7 g/.25 oz.) for Neutral Undertone 3318 $35.00

Rendezvous - Custom Palette (5 Shades 7 g/.25 oz.) for Cool Undertone 3332 $35.00

Green-Eyed Envy - Custom Palette (5 Shades 7g/.25 oz.) 3335 $35.00

Ol' Blue Eyes - Custom Palette (5 Shades 7 g/.25 oz.) 3336 $35.00

for your lips i would suggest you try

Motives庐 Lip Gel

Motives Lip Gels make your lips pop with vibrancy and color while providing lip enhancers and lip conditioners. Motives Lip Gels contain organic beeswax, vitamins and emollients. Glides on easily, feels luxurious, coats and restores a glamorous luster to dry or chapped lips. Lips glisten with an ultra-brilliant formula that slicks on easily with its tube-tip applicator. Slick over bare lips or a Motives lip stick for a transparent shine.

Description More Info Code Price Qty

Lip Gel - Morocco 388822 $20.00

What type of make-up should i use?

You should try Mary Kay....they have tons of make up looks for individuals with all features....and the best thing is you can find a consultant near you who can give you samples to try and give you make up tips!!!!! But it is very light on your skin and would be the best choice if you are not looking to spend tons and tons of money and have a variety of choices.

What type of make-up should i use?

Clinique makeup would be good for you. Clinique makeup was designed for sensitive skin. (acne-prone skin)

The thing about Clinique is that when you put the makeup on it doesn't look like you're wearing any. And at the same time you look flawless!

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