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Wavy, Frizzy Hair????

I have medium length, wavy, very thick n frizzy hair. I always straighten it but that damages hair...which i do not want to do...also i do not have too much money or time to spend on my hair either....is there a simple and easy way....to make my hair look nice (with waves) without the damage, or frizz....i also wish to grow my hair out longer.....PLEASE HELP!!!!!

Wavy, Frizzy Hair????

options (cheapest to most expensive):

-change shampoo:garnier frutis sleek and shine collection, designed especially for frizzy hair

-home relaxers: you can buy olive oil treatments and such to "relax" your hair and tone down some of that frizz

-relaxed or chemically straightened at a salon: Its more expensive, but it lasts for a while, so you dont hav to continually buy new thins and do it yourself.having it chemically straightened is basically them flat ironing your hair once, but with a special cream, so it stays that way. i would recommend this the most

hope this helps!

Wavy, Frizzy Hair????

It's like we are twins! My hair is brown, medium length, wavy, bulky, and heat damaged! I havent found a solution for it yet. I'm going to get it cut and thinned this summer though. Until then i will just continue to wear it up. Sorry i wasn't much of a help.


Wavy, Frizzy Hair????

There is a way to permanantly straighten it so it will last up to a year. It takes a while, but its one sitting and then you dont have to worry about it for the rest of the year. Its the method all the stars like Jennifer Aniston use. Its called japanese straghtening.

Wavy, Frizzy Hair????

try a relatively reasonably priced product called "Frizz Ease" john freida makes everything from shampoos to leave in conditioners u can buy this in the grocery store or pretty much anywhere (Walmart, target, cost cutters, sears, Shop rite, and pathmark) check out this site online this will give u a look at what the product is and what it does good luck -Nay


Wavy, Frizzy Hair????

First, you need to restore your hair's health. Use a repairing shampoo and cond. , such as Dove Repair shampoo and conditioner(blue bottle). Or, you could solve the problem a little more seriously and get a deep conditioning treatment. Talk to your hair stylist or someone that works as one. There are many styles that you can do without killing your hair. Using rollers to make curls, braids for waves, a round brush and hair dryer to flip the ends, low side pony tails, ponytails with a headband, messy buns, and loose pigtails are great options. You can also gather great hair ideas from the internet and magazines. Good luck!

Wavy, Frizzy Hair????

try curlkeeper.com, kinky-curly.com, curls.biz or naturallycurly.com. since my hair has a lot of volume that i don't like i use kinky-curly stuff most of the time.

Wavy, Frizzy Hair????

My solution, which I have been applying daily for the past 20 years of my life is hot rollers. Try washing your hair in the evening, before bed. In the morning set your hair in the rollers (don't use the steamed rollers, it will only make it worse). After it's set, I lightly mist my head with hairspray, wait 10-15 minutes, take them out and run my fingers through my hair. I use a wide rod curling iron on my bangs and small whisps around my face. This method works great because it's quick and easy and it really does take away the frizz. I also use Suave Anti-Frizz Cream on my hair after showering in the evening. I rarely blow dry my hair. Letting it dry naturally eliminates a lot of frizz. Good luck, when all else fails, I throw on a baseball cap and call it a day!

Wavy, Frizzy Hair????

ive tried john freida's frizz ease before and it doesn't even come close to how great freddrick fekkai's products. even thought a bottle of freddrick fekka's serum is like $20 it lasts forever! i mean like a year! and it comes in this fancy glass bottle. its really concentrated so one pump will be good enough for people with the thickest hair.

after you wash your hair, while hair is still damp apply the serum evenly and just wait for your hair to dry. if you want to style your hair or make your hair shinier you can use a blow drier.

ive tried everything and i am in love with fredrick fekkai's products. you can get them at nordstroms and sephora.

Wavy, Frizzy Hair????

Applying a leave in conditioner will often help tame your frizz, Some good ones are: Aveda Brilliant Damage Control, Bumble and bumble leave in conditioner with frizz control, Redken Extreme Anti-Snap Leave-in Treatment.

Some other good products to use:

TIGI Bed Head Spoil Me Defrizzer and John Friedas Frizz-ease products its not expensive and works really well.

Its a good idea to deep condition your hair at least once a week a lot of frizz comes from damage to your hair.

Wash and condition your hair using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner (Matrix or Biolage). Wavy and curly hair tends to be drier than straight hair. Towell off hair but be gentle. Rubbing can cause split ends and frizz. Do not brush or comb your hair! Once the soaking-wetness is gone from your hair, mess it up with your fingers and put it in the loosest, highest and sloppiest bun you can make. Spray with a weak gel hairspray, like Garnier Fructis Curl Shaping Spray Gel. Leave it alone until you are sure it is dry. Take it down and use your fingers or a hair pick if your hair is tangled. Spray again with gel spray, but remember that this is not quite the same as scrunching. If your hair still has some frizz, apply a smoothing gel or serum.

You can also plait your hair:

Wash your hair as normal then towel dry, leaving it slightly damp. Lightly spray your hair with sea-salt spray or gel spray and comb through hair. Divide your hair into four sections by first halving the hair in the middle, then again on each half.

Plait each of the four sections. It doesn't have to be be perfect. Slightly messy plaits will make the waves look more natural. Wait until your hair is completely dry the undo the plates andgently separate the waves. Spray lightly with a serum and lightly tousle.

Don't straighten your hair more it will damage out your waves trust me i straightned my hair for a year never leaving it curly and now my hair is a mess! I can't ever leave it curly. Plus it cuases frizz to your hair which is probably why you have it frizzy.

Wavy, Frizzy Hair????

use herbalife shampoo

my hair is like veryyyy frizzy and puffy

but when i tried that shampoo itsstraight when i comb it later when it dries its straight ...

also try not too use volume shampoos

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