Sunday, June 20, 2010

Calling All Emos....Desperate?

Im a emo and im desperate for a new hair look, im not aloud to die it or have streaks but im fed up of having it in messy pleats.

im 13, medium length brown hair that is really thick. Could you please give me some ideas, pictures and how to do that style thank you please ask for any more info =)

Calling All Emos....Desperate?

These are cute:

Best of luck!!

Calling All Emos....Desperate?

O.o first off, emo isnt a style. its music

second, its REALLY retarded and lamee to label yourself, and makes yew seem like SUCH a poser.

and thirddd, do whatever the hell yew want. its retarded to do style your hair in a certain way, just cause it fits into the label you consider yourself. actual unique people do what they want, but pull it off just cause they can and dont try as hard as others.

edit: im not dissing 'emoz', im dissing yew for being such a poser.

Calling All Emos....Desperate?

Why not bangs? More info please

Calling All Emos....Desperate?

You sound like my 13 yr old daughter. Except she hates the word "emo" and I'm not allowed to use it when conversing with her anymore.

Calling All Emos....Desperate?

Don't label yourself. You don't need to be one. Hun, you probably have great hair. Why would you ever do that?!

But I do love this

Calling All Emos....Desperate?

VOTE FOR HUCKABEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

Calling All Emos....Desperate?

Show everyone that you're so emo, you've even quit caring about your hair. Shave it all off.

That will make you more emo than emo.

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