Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Medium to short hairstyles?

for a hair that is neither curly nor completely straight.... kinda like in between... and with quite a lot of volume if not blowdried (I have a massive amount of hair)

It's straight when it's really long but I got a bob that looked awesome when I straightened it but looks awful now that it's growing and I got tired of using the straightening iron.

I need short to medium length because it doesn't even get to touch my shoulders right now.


Medium to short hairstyles?

maybe just get it razor cut with layers and maybe part your hair to the side or get side bangs?

do u have a pic of u with the bob b/c im getting my hair cut into a bob soon and my hair sounds like urs. email me or something if u do plzeee.

Medium to short hairstyles?

umm just search it up in YAHOO u EINSTEIN!!

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