Friday, June 18, 2010

Need a new hairstyle, BAD.?

i have medium length brown hair and it's slightly wavy.

i want to change up my style because i've had that style for as long as i can remeber! do you have any suggestions to what i should do? i want to perm my hair so it's slightly curly like this( but not so sure. i'm korean, pretty short (lol). give me some other suggestions though. please and thank you!

Need a new hairstyle, BAD.?

you should deff. get the side swept bang, with some funky layers and possibly high lights?

Need a new hairstyle, BAD.?

I think getting some layers would give your hair some more life..if you have tan skin dark color hair is really pretty..i just went like a dark brown almost black and it brings out my skin and eyes so pretty..or even some highlights

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