Friday, June 18, 2010

I'm New To This Stuff...?

Okay, well, I really want to ask this one girl out, but I have thoughts that she has a boyfriend now, and I don't want to ask her and find out that she does and be all, "Wow, awkward....".

Also, if I did ask her out, it would be my first date in basically forever.(Its not that I'm a loser, just the shy, seemingly outgoing type). So I just want to get some ideas as to what I should say.

PS: She really liked my medium length hair, yet now I recently went through a terrible haircut, and it is much shorter. She still has yet to see it.

I'm New To This Stuff...?

Don't worry about the hair.

Anyways it's really forward and a hard question to answer when it's right in your face and you don't see it coming.

Maybe make a friendship first and look for signs to see if she likes you. Their really is no point in making a fool of your self if you can avoid it.

I'm New To This Stuff...?

Just be like hey do u have plans for friday night?

IF she says i dont think my BF would like that then U know or u could always just say hey I heard ur datin somebody, who's the lucky Man?

I'm New To This Stuff...?

Well you ain't gonna get nowhere sittin around worryin about it.

Get up the balls and just plain ask her out. There's only 2 answers to that....yes or no.

If she has a boyfriend then she'll let you know and that's that. If she don't wanna go out with you, she'll say that too (and then it don't matter whether she's got a boyfriend or not cuz you ain't scorin in the matter nohow). And then she could say yes too.

Just do it and get it over with and don't whine and moan about "awkward" and stuff.

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