Sunday, November 29, 2009

What hairstyle should i get?

I have medium length brown hair with bangs and would only like it to be shoulder length or longer. I don't put alot of time in my hair so id like it to be easy to manage.

What hairstyle should i get?

It depends on what face shape you have.

Whatever you do, do not get it just one length all the way around. Eww. Get some funky layering, but make sure you search for someone who has been doing them for a long time. Better idea! Find someone's hair you adore and ask them where they got thier hair done and by whom. Or you can look through a hairstyle mag and find your face shape and a good cut for it.


What hairstyle should i get?

try to turn them into side bangs!

What hairstyle should i get?

Get something with lots of cute layers, so it has some texture in it. If you have any wave in your hair you can just let it air dry and it'll look really cute :)

What hairstyle should i get?

this is hott...

(but brown)

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