Thursday, November 26, 2009

How do i braid my fine hair?

my hair is very fine, medium length, and layered. it is impossible to braid! it helps when it is wet, but i shower at night not the morning (and showering in the morning isnt an option)........... tips on how to braid it and make it last!!!!

thanks so much

How do i braid my fine hair?

I have the same problem. I usually spritz on a little leave-in conditioner or use a little mousse or gel. Works great, then when I unbraid I also have waves.

If your braids are long enough, pin them to the top of your head at night, or wear a snood (a net type thingie that keeps curlers and hair in place). A satin pillow case also helps a lot from keeping your hairs from getting too messed up while you sleep.

If I am braiding at night instead of the morning, I also make the braids super tight so there is less chance of hairs popping out all over, then rebraid to a softer fuller braid in the morning (mousse and gel really help the braids look thicker and fuller).

How do i braid my fine hair?

Braid your hair at night, and then get a silky pillow, or even a doo rag (cover your hair completely , including the braid.) or both. Then in the morning, your hair should still be nice. just touch up on the sides with hair clips and bobby pins!

How do i braid my fine hair?

try doing fish tail braids, they hold really well and they are GORGEOUS. not a lot of people wear them, so its original too!

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