Thursday, November 26, 2009

Help! My hair won't stay straight??

Hi there,

In two days I'm going to be in a confirmation ceremony. I want to straighten my hair and leave it half up, half down. Only problem is, within 2 hours after straightening it, my hair gradually returns to its original state-thick and wavy. The ceremony lasts 4 hours, plus the after-party and so forth which can last several more hours. On top of that we have to wear poofy dresses that aren't exactly thin material.

The straightner I have is a Remington Wet-to-Straight 2". I don't think I have the time or money to go out and buy a Chi, although I'd love to (lol!).

I want my hair to stay straight, at least for the ceremony. It's medium length, very thick and wavy. If anyone has any suggestions or tips on how to keep it straight, please help! Thanks so much!!

Help! My hair won't stay straight??

Your hair might not hold heat well, whether it is because of the summer heat or because that's just how it is. Try getting it permed or relaxed since you really want it straight or get your hair thinned out at a salon because sometimes thick wavy hair doesn't hold heat well.

lol, our avatars look so much alike...

Help! My hair won't stay straight??

it just isn't natural for you

Help! My hair won't stay straight??

*Always for the best advice ask a professional stylist, and for the best products, purchase them from a salon.*

~I left you different links and amazingly you can find that straightener for less than what my salon was asking ($130) so I hope one of those links helps you. I'm sure you can find a reasonably priced CHI...I am going to shop around now :) By providing you those links below, I ended up finding better deals on the CHI.

.Try the CHI straightner and products.

*All you need to do is Google search CHI straightner or whatever and you'll pull it all up.*

.Next, if you feel as if you reached your wits end about this straightening deal here, then I suggest you go into a salon and ask them about chemically straightening your hair. And see if you are a good canidate for it.

.Those straighteners you are using right now and what not, they won't do crap for your hair, I should know...I use the same ones. I am going to invest in a CHI straightner though, they are a little pricey $130 or so give or take....but they are worth every penny and they do work!!

.Anyways.......good luck.

P.s%26gt; I just re-read your question and saw your CHI remark :)

OOops...well in any case like I said on one of those links they listed one for like $84 or something and I'm sure if you look around you can find a really good one at a good price.

Help! My hair won't stay straight??

Why not try a didfferent style insted like puting it ull up..

Or curling it

Help! My hair won't stay straight??

i have they same hair and straightener that u do..... it helps to put the setting to about 27 even though this is for wet hair it makes it alot hotter and it stays longer.

Help! My hair won't stay straight??

After you straighten your hair put a balm in it to help it maintain its texture. My hair is like that too! If you don't have balm (I use Pantene for brunettes from Rite-aid lol) than you can try hairspray, but balm works the BEST! Goodluck!

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