Thursday, November 26, 2009

Guys...would you be interested in me?

My boyfriend just broke up with me...because I'm white. I'm going to describe myself. Tell me if I sound like a nice girl. I'm really hurt and I need to know that I'm not terrible.

Let's see. I have medium length brown hair w/ blonde highlights. I have hazel eyes and sort of fair skin. I'm not exacly preppy but I know how to act like a lady when it's needed. Um....I am a huge football fan. I can't get enough of it. I enjoy all sorts of music and hanging out with someone who is mature but definatly knows how to be silly and make me laugh. I like going to the park, movies, mall, ice rink...etc. I mean, do I really sound like a boring, stuck up white chick. I mean, this guy said it to me really harshly. What is your opinion?

Guys...would you be interested in me?

You don't sound boring or stuck up, but even if you are what of it? It's your life and your right to be who you choose to be. Strange that the break up was because you're white - were you not just as white when you got together? The color of your skin is irrelevant, only a very shallow infantile mind with a touch of ignorant hostility would judge you by the color of your skin.

Have a look at how you described yourself. Everything you wrote was external. You described how you look and things you like to do, simply what other people see.

What matters is who you are within, and at that point the only opinion that matters of self is your own - remain true to self and good to others and your opinion of self will always shine bright and warm the hearts of others :)

He left on a sour note, wish him well - and maybe even thank him because now you are free to find someone who will appreciate, love and respect you for who you are, within, not the shell. :)

Guys...would you be interested in me?

sounds liek a butterface

Guys...would you be interested in me?

you seem very low maintenance, which is something all guys like, you like football, not an uptight priss.

nice, i'd be interested. and forget what he said, he said it while breaking up with you so i wouldn't take it to heart.

good luck.

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