Thursday, November 26, 2009

Please give me hair tips?

hi, i have regular hair, and its brown and layered and medium length.

please give me some hair tips. i want to know more about:

-heat on your hair

-how your hair gets dry

-how to make it shiny

-how you burn your hair

-good hair products

or you could just educate me with all your knowledge on hair. :)

forreal, tell me everything you know...all your tips...please?

thx everyone!

Please give me hair tips?

use a hair dryer when u really need it 80% of the time u should dry it natural. use moisturizers to put on ur hair and scalp. get shikakai shampoo its good for cleaning hair and increasing hair growth. use cocunut oil on ur hair and scalp daily. once a week do a hotoil treatment with it. use eggs and mayonnaise as a deep conditioner. mix olive oil with the mayyonaise

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