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Cat brush or comb?

i have three medium length hair cats... they stay at home %26amp; dont go out... there is no place in my house which is fur free... their fur can be found on sofa, carpet, my clothes, etc... please help.. Thanking all of you very much....

currently i am using a plastic human comb to brush their coat...

- Firstly, which is better, comb or brush?

- Which material, plastic, nylon, metal, etc?

- What type and shape?

[please do dont reccomend a furminator or shedender, i checked it out and its a blade rather than a comb, i dont want to use it]

Cat brush or comb?

It is probably best if you use BOTH a brush and comb--for cats. You can get both of these at your local pet supply store + they can give you suggestions (from other customers experiences) on which ones work best. However, don't expect this to completely stop ALL of the cat fur, but it will surely cut down on it. Just remember, for those of us cat owners--there is a saying: "You're never completely dressed unless you're covered with cat hair!"

Now, myself, I have an EXTREMELY long-haired male Turkish Angora. Twice a year I take him to the groomer to get him completely shaved (except tail), and he LOVES IT! This cat actually goes into this pitiful depression when he wants to go to the groomer to get all of this hair off of him. This probably isn't necessary with medium-length coats on your cats. Just a good CAT comb %26amp; brush, and you'll have to keep at it and do it daily.

As far as the rest of your home, get one of those lint roller things (available at the pet supply store, Wal-Mart, some grocery stores--usually in or close to laundry detergent dept.), and use this to remove all the cat fur from the furniture, your clothing, ANYTHING/anywhere you find it--these work very well for this purpose.

Cat brush or comb?

I have a semi-longhair cat, and a number of rabbits, all who I use specially made cat slicker brushes on with excellent results. I buy the ones made especially for cats/small animals - they have a small plastic ball on the end of each bristle which stops the animal's skin from being scratched or irritated.( I don't use the normal ones without this, as the wire bristles can be pretty sharp. )

Cat brush or comb?

Try brushing them with the human combe then using one of the LEATHER car chamos (spelling?) things. It must be a leather one though - I have short haired cats and I don't even use a brush on them, just the chamos and you wouldn't believe how much hair it actually gets out until you try it!!!

Cat brush or comb?

you can buy a new pet brush, it's rubber, works wonderfully on not just animals but your sofa and clothes too!I

Cat brush or comb?

I have two cats, and I use a wire brush. It works really well, just remember not to brush too hard. They really seem to enjoy being brushed, and the wire brush does a good job of removing loose hair. It really reduces hair on furniture, etc.

Cat brush or comb?

try a brush made for a cat. it works better than a comb.

Cat brush or comb?

Our two girls are different. One loves to be brushed while the other hides at the site of the brush. The brush we use is made for cats, has a middle bristle and we purchased it at the local Petsmart.

Cat brush or comb?

U should use a metal brush and in the shape of a rectangle they work so good. I have 3 medium haired kittens.

Cat brush or comb?

You need a comb ('greyhound comb', made of metal, is the best), and a slicker brush. The metal teeth ones are better since plastic tends to make the coat all staticky. I have 5 Maine Coon cats (used to be a breeder), and these two instruments have saved my sanity.

Surprisingly enough, use some inexpensive baby powder to lightly 'poof' the cat; it eases up the static, plus it absorbs oils and makes the cat smell nice. Use the comb to comb out all tangles, just make sure you don't dig down into the coat since some cats are sensitive. Then use the slicker to finish the coat.

I've been taught by my cats that weekly brushing (one a day, usually for no more than 10-15 minutes) keeps the poof of hair and hairballs at a minimum.

You can buy the comb and brush at any pet supply store.

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