Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hey check this out!!!?

How do fix medium length / layered hair? I want to do something dressy and then something cute and then something wild... i just want to do different things with my hair for my vacation but i was wondering if anyone had any ideas?? My hair is thin (since that has to do with some styling)....and no my hair is not thinning so i don't need rogain or anything....

Hey check this out!!!?

Just curl it with a big curling iron will make it fuller and curly! =)

Hey check this out!!!?

My hair id pretty fine and thin also.

I have it layered, so when I like to do somethin different, I add Paul Mitchell's mouse. I flip my hair when i get out of the shower, add the mouse and scrunch it to get a wavy texture, it looks beautiful when it dries..

I also love very loose braids, one on each side, it looks cute with shorts, skirts, and summer outfits.......

Hey check this out!!!?

go to and chek out thir virtual makeover studio. use ur own pic or use a model with a similar facial shape. That is what i used to decide on my new 'do, and I couldn't be happier!

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