Sunday, November 29, 2009

Girl Stuff.?

I'm 12 and going into the 8th grade and I just wanted to know some tips for growing up...staying in shape...make-up tips-i have black, medium length, layered hair, and anything you can tell me. Thanks a bunch!!

Girl Stuff.?

-Black eyeliner, black lengthening mascara with an eyelash curler, natural makeup, and a medium nude lipstick.

-Do cardio once a week 30 minutes - 1 hour, and do a sport.

-Don't give in to peer pressure, and don't change for anyone.

-If you have black hair, get some dark brown or funky highlights, cute choppy bangs, or side bangs, or some funky/ bright tips!

Hope I Helped ---

Girl Stuff.?

hair-get long side swept bangs, add some highlights

makeup: a little eyeliner on bottom, mascara on top, lip gloss

Girl Stuff.?

Hey, I'm 13 and going into the Eighth grade..

I'm starting to wear a little bit of makeup,

nothing much, just some bronzer, mascara,

eyeliner, and some nice eyeshadow. You

should start wearing a couple of these,

or all, and pick a couple shades that will

look good on you. For me, if you have

hazel eyes, you should wear some browns,

tans, and light pinks and that will look good..

Maybe ask a sibling or a parent what colors will

look good on you :)

Hope this helped, -Nicholle%26lt;3

Girl Stuff.?

to stay in shape just eat healthy foods... low in fat and high in protein and lots of fruit and veggies.

and a couple hair tips are DONT DYE YOUR HAIR FROM THE STORE. it totally kills your hiar. trust me ive done it haha. but yeahh and dont flat iron it alot its really bad for your hair.

Girl Stuff.?

If I remember correctly, you will be fine as long as staying in shape is concerned because you will have P.E. I would suggest you go light on thee makeup, just gloss and mascara, and also from dyeing your hair because you are so young. If you start coloring your hair at this age, you will have thinning hair by the time you are done with high school. Just be yourself and you'll be fine. Good luck in the 8th grade.

Girl Stuff.?

always use a good sunscreen i see so many 40+ women who are sun bathers and they look 10-20 years older their skin looks like leather especially if the smoked also. don't overdo the makeup try to keep it natural and experiment with shades and colors that look best on you try to figure out your skin type and pick you base depending on your skin type and coloring. remember always be true to yourself and don't do things because everybody else is doing them, i know everybody tells young people in your age group this, the best advice my parents gave me growing up was never do anything away from them that i would be embarrassed for them to know about, that keep me out of a lot of trouble growing up. good luck and enjoy life have fun

Girl Stuff.?

me too! i`m gonna go in the 8th grade and i`m 12. put eyeliner, mascara, and a light lip gloss. no too much make up on cheeks cuz that makes your face will graduatly grow a bunch of pimples if u put too much blush on. what will happen is that if u start putting on blush, it will give u pimples and u will wan`t to cover them with more blush but that will only make it worse. so don`t put blush, just alittle bit of mascara and eyeliner and lip gloss.

Girl Stuff.?

wow your really young for going into 8th grade

do regular excersize (30 mins a day ish)

dont wear a bunch of makeup, it so overrated

maybe get side bangs?

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