Thursday, November 26, 2009

I need a new cute haircut?

Okay so i am a brunette with medium length hair. I have had layers with bangs for 3 years and i am begging for something different.

I need a new cute haircut?

you shold get a layered like upside down triagle thingy it cool it is short leght

I need a new cute haircut?

If you really want bold, go for a cut like rihana's. It's cute when it's straight. And if you have natural waves it's even cuter. It'll have a rather feminine shagginess.

I need a new cute haircut?

look at stars such as Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham the short bob is really in right now and I absolutely love the look and think that any one is able to pull it off no matter what your face shape or hair texture is!! =)

Hope this helps!!

you could also try and go to google images and type in a celeb name or hairstyle and see the pictures!

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