Thursday, November 26, 2009

What colour highlights? :)?

I have light brown hair (medium length and layered) light brown eyes, and hair skin with a little bit of freckles on my face.

What highlight color do you think would look good in my hair?

Also, is 13 too young to get my hair highlighted?

Thanks!! :)

What colour highlights? :)?

I think 13 is a little too young.But you can put dirty blond highlights in your hair.It will look awesome!

What colour highlights? :)?

I started dying my hair young and now that I'm 18 I've finally gotten all my hair back to its healthy norm...I think you should wait a couple of years before you start frying your hair!

What colour highlights? :)?

okay well with light brown hair you probly have some blonde streaks in there already or some realy light brown so try to stay with your natural colors so it doesnt look fake especially since your 13.

but i think you should go with a blonde or a light brown and no 13 isnt too young. but it depends on what your parents want for you.

What colour highlights? :)?

Well , Im Also 13 And Ive Been Dying My Hair Since I Was 11 And Nothings Wrong With My Hair , Its Silky =P But Id Go With A Lighter Color , Im Into The Whole Scene Hair Thing , So You Could Go With Golden Blonde . Or Pink . But Blonde Goes Waaay Better With Brunette Hair .


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