Sunday, November 29, 2009

Halloween costume for next year?

I have my idea but i need help with putting things together to make it cute

Theme: Emo Princess

should i wear a skirt or dress?

how should i dress up my hair? [i have blonde wavyish hair, medium length but by then i'll have green streaks]

im planning on wearing converse %26amp;%26amp; a tiara

what color shirt?

should i wear leggings, fishnets, or neither?

does a studded belt look right with a skirt or dress?

make-up ideas?!?

anything else?

Thanks soo much!! :]]

Halloween costume for next year?

Aww come on, we have 364 days to plan. Just enjoy your candy and think of this later. =]

Halloween costume for next year?

Are you serious? Halloween isn't even over yet- it's 9pm on the west coast. You can make notes and jot down plans for next year but I wouldn't start making it or looking for things yet- we have thanksgiving and christmas next!

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