Sunday, November 29, 2009

Short scene hair?

okay so i have medium length hair

its blonde with some "scene" layers in it

what i wanna know is if i would look good

with this hairstyle.....

im just a tall thing girl....

i cannot dye my hair so please dont suggest that,

just please tell me if i would look good

with this type of hair...

im pretty sure this is the same girl ;)

also, my mom is going to cut it because she knows how to

anyway any advice on how to help her explain this?

and please dont give me all the crap about how i

"shouldnt be scene" and everything, save

it for someone else...

just please answer my question

thank you in advance :))))

Short scene hair?

Show your mom the pics. for starters. As a stylist, I had no clue what you meant when you said "scene hair" until I saw the pics. I bet your mom will be in the same boat. Both styles are modified bob cuts with lots of razor cut layers and texturizing. If you mom speaks that language, you're cool. But, the pictures will be more helpful than anything else.

Will it look good? If you love it, it'll look good.

Best of luck!

Short scene hair?

just show her the pictures :)

Short scene hair?

just ask for like choppy layers

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